Why I Left the Wellness Industry

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Seven years ago, I moved to a gorgeous tropical island for a highly sought after job I was offered in the wellness industry. I was finishing up graduate school, writing my thesis, and barely sleeping, when I received a message from an old yoga teacher of mine asking if I was interested in moving to Bali, Indonesia to work and live. Without knowing any of the details about the job or the location, I said yes. Call it a gut feeling …and knowing that when I leap, I am always majorly supported!

Wellness was my life, no literally. I’ve supported 100’s—if not 1000’s—of people in their personal journey of health. There were many moments where I believed, I would always be in the wellness industry. It was my thing.

But here’s a different story. The story of a woman breaking free from a box, knowing that she could do whatever she wanted….

I have been in many situations just like you, where I felt like I had to conform to certain expectations, whether it be in my career, in a relationship, or in any other aspect of my life. I felt like if I expressed different parts of myself, or if I deviated from what was expected, I would face ridicule, rejection, or even loss. This is a common feeling for many people, and if you’re feeling this way, chances are you’re ready for a change.

For me, I was in the wellness industry, specifically in the “cleanse” world, for a decade. However somewhere along the way, I realized that my worth was tied up in the “Cleanse Lyndsay” persona and I had to hard exit the industry to find my true self. Sometimes, we call things like this a major pivot in business. But for me it was also a matter of necessity—of life, really.

Full transparency? It was a challenging process, as I had to rediscover who I was without the “cleanse” label, without the praise for a thing rather than just being. But it was also liberating AF, and a pivot-turned-exit I would never, ever take back.

Think about yourself for a moment without your current identity or career. What are you outside the boxes?

Even if you love what you do, it’s important to reflect on who you are outside of it. At the end of the day, it’s about living into your true passions and your own journey, getting out of auto pilot in your life and living without the boxes you’ve created for yourself!

When I discovered personal branding (well, rather when I re-discovered branding as it’s what I was obsessed with for most of my YA life and what I majored in at University. But, I digress, story for a different day), I realized it provided both the freedom and structure I wanted. I have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and do what I love. On my own terms.

Now when I go back to Bali each year, I’m not “on vacation”. In Bali, and anywhere else I am, I’m living my dream life (however cliche that may sound) and working when I want, how I want. I have the freedom and flexibility to work from Europe, the US, city skylines or tropical beach bungalows and I love that.

Simply put there is no one-size-fits-all solution and you have the power to create any life you want. I understand that the small part of you may want to stay comfortable, but I’m here to tell you that everything can change in a moment. With a decision.

The Universe will support you once you make a decision, no matter how big or small. Don’t let objections hold you back, whether it’s a mortgage, a family, or a job, they’re all excuses. Moving to Bali or making one small change in your life, like starting a new job or income stream, can have an exponential ripple effect on your future. I know this from my own experience, and of course, countless others who embark on the bold truth telling path of choosing to step out of the well grooved tracks of their life.

Every decision you make will steer your life in a different direction, creating a new potential future—HOW EXCITING IS THAT! I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, break free from your limitations, and create the life you want. There’s never been an easier time to do so. Don’t hold back, take action, and see the magic unfold!

Here my whole story about leaving the wellness industry on my podcast on Apple and Spotify.

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