have fun,
do good,
don't die boring.

(this is my life motto btw)

freedom isn’t on my values list.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I mean by that… So here we go.

You see, to me, freedom is a given. Its the most intrinsic value there is. Quite literally all humans, animals -hell, even plants!- desire it in life. We all want it and strive for it (even if we don’t know we are) because its our nature. so why would I waste my time staring at it at the top of some list when I could be working within the list to create vast freedom in every aspect I possibly can in my life? If freedom is endgame, then my work begins everywhere else.

Hi. I’m Lyndsay. You probably know me as the rebel entrepreneur who’s kinda (super) loud and vibey, always traveling and experiencing the richness of the world, and serving you punchy but loving truth bombs and opinions.

But what you might not know is I had a helluva winding road to get to where I am today. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been SOME KINDA VIBE, but for years -decades even?- being broke, bored and burnt out we’re also in the package deal. I blame no one. But I knew it wasn’t the life I was meant to be living.

It took guts. And like, literally healing my gut, to really start to carve out the life I wanted to have.

I’ve worked for myself in some form or fashion for over a decade, and for even longer, I deeply believed I could build a life where I never had to make decisions based on my bank account even when I had no idea how I would get there or how wildly unlikely that seemed.

I’ve founded companies (and even a nonprofit!) and literally learned everything I know today by doing. I am a firm believer that an ounce of doing far exceeds 1,000 pounds of theory any. Damn. Day. There’s no ‘Dady’s money’ here, no formal business degree, just a girl determined to turn into the woman she knew she was meant to be by taking risks, doing whatever it took and maintaining the idea that the ONLY way we can serve nobly is by doing something that lights us the f*ck up first.

I could tell you about my near-decade long wellness career, where I helped thousands find clarity and LIFE through cleanse and detox practices. I could tell you about how I started coaching online back when people legit didn’t know what Zoom was and thought I was nuts. I could tell you about all the limiting beliefs and generational stories and irrational af self-sabotaging fears that have comes up along this journey for me, but I’m not going to (at least here).

Because what I really want to tell you is, just like me; you can defy the odds, you can burn the boxes you’ve put yourself in, you can make this one precious and wildly experimental life YOUR OWN.

And you can get really M*THA F*CKING RICH doing it.

a timeline of my entreprenuership

and it's all connected.


University degree in Creative Advertising / Marketing

Wellness begins by healing my own 13 year illnesses


moved to bali for wellness career at Yoga Barn


Moved to Australia & New Zealand right out of college


Got a Masters Degree in Social Justice


started creating
more content online


launched the
too much podcast


Personal Brand BOSS MODE


started online coaching business


Rocking a personal brand but didn’t quite know it yet


I was the second female (first Rookie female/never having run an ultra before!) and first American ever to run across the island of Bali in 2018. It was an overnight double marathon across the island. Prior to running those 52 miles, I had never run more than 16 miles consecutively before! 

Now I host the Bali Hope Ultra events every year for others runners and it’s my favorite “role” out of all of them I have.


I was homeless for the first five months I started my online coaching business. It was when I decided to move home from Bali, they had offered me a full-time position at The Yoga Barn Bali (pretty world famous retreat center) and the offer was so fucking good, but I just knew there was something different for me… It was hard to pass up, but I did anyway because I’ve always trusted myself so deeply. I moved back to Bend, Oregon and was so hell bent on making”it” work that it’s all I poured my time and most of my money into. Back then, people thought I was crazy. In late 2016/ early 2017 not many people knew what it meant to be an online coach, but I knew I could do it. Zoom wasn’t even really all that well known! I really didn’t want to “get a real job” so I went back to working at a wine bar I worked at to put myself through grad school and started to make my own marketing materials and coaching programs. Back then they were all centered around cleanse and detox. I knew I could take what I was helping hundreds of people monthly with in Bali into the online space and I did. I made it work.

When I was young and adults used to ask me the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would always say, “I just want to see the world” ….and that I wanted to write and illustrate kid’s books (likely because I was a kid myself so that was my only concept). Turns out, what that really meant was, I was born with a certainty that my life was always meant to be LIVED and that I could “make content” by doing just that.

I have a Masters Degree in Social Justice and people often think it’s not connected or that I wasted my time. Firstly, it’s all fucking connected. And secondly, I want every single person to know deep in their hearts that they are possible of living a life they’re obsessed with. And I also believe believe that in order to truly heal that world, we must first heal ourselves and that healing includes being happy with the life you wake up to each day. 

I was willing to do whatever it took.


Your hot and spicy weekly reminder that the world needs you unleashed, unruly and in your full power, babe. We need less tame, more wild. Less time in boxes, more time creating, rule breaking and bringing to life the thing you burn within to create. Be you, be bold, and get rich doing it.

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