3 Things Threads taught us about branding in 24 hrs

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Psst. 3 is my FAVORITE and will change the way you do business forever.

1. Let’s start with the real real (for real, be real):

First up! People are tiiiiiired of carefully curated, fake bullsh*t. To be blunt, lol. WE WANT REAL.

2. It’s the Let Your Hair Down moment we’ve all been craving.

We’ve all kinda been feeling like the middle child… lost in a sea of other things:

It can seem like there’s a lot that goes into Instagram, and even Tik Tok. (Tik Tok is still FAR less curated than IG, but it still requires some thought and is based on “performing” for an algorithm). Threads has given us a collective ‘loosey goosey’ moment.

A moment to let the tits out, breathe and connect.

3. We look at brands and people they same way online. 

You guys. This is *the moment* …and soo cool to see!!!

Personal branding isn’t some elusive thing that only a few know how to do. It’s …YOU.

AND I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITING THIS IS and what it truly means for you doing whatever tf you want in life and still getting paid (!!!!!)

You are no longer simply the creator or the business owner…


Your coaching business, PT practice, floral business, travel blog.

Your digital product, online course, chef service, yoga trainings…


You are the brand. And people want you to stay real af.

The opportunity here, to make a huge impact while also making BANK, is insane.

So… HOW the heck do you do it? I’ll show you.

Here’s the magic formula:

(and if you want my help creating, launching and monetizing your brand skip over to my full online course that shows you everything you need to know in detail):

It’s you!

Creating your brand gets to be really simple. It’s you, and everyone has a personality so you’ve already done step 1. Great work!

Brand Pillars:

Take who you are and start distilling it into areas of main messaging.

These become your Brand Pillars and will inform your online ‘voice’, messaging and content, and help you connect with YOUR people.

If you want to undercover what your brand pillars could be, start by making a list of the things you’re most passionate about, what you stand for and/or what people ask you for advice on all the time. Once you have this list, choose 3-4 main topics and those are your pillars!

Develop your visual branding:

Think of this as your online wardrobe. Your innermost expressed self.

Who are you in a world where you can be who you really are?

In my self-paced Personal Brand Course I give you a template to nail this with ease.

Visual branding is soo fun, but what really makes your brand fun and lucrative is your expression, Brand Pillars and the problem you help solve.


This is the KEY. You nail down the problem you help people solve and shout it from the rooftops.

People are looking for solutions, and you have one.

Whether it’s to help people make more passive income and live more freely, or How To ___ (you name it) you’ve got a solution people need and you’re worthy of getting paid for it.

I provide you with work sheets in the course for this, too!

Monetize it:

There are about a million ways to monetize online these days (and exactly why I LOVE the freakin’ internet!) and you get to choose a strategy that fits what you want to put out there.

A few key tips for monetizing…!

  1. Scaleability: choose something that is scaleable without taking more of your time. Think online courses, affiliate offers, digital products etc. Selling more of your time is not going to get you the freedom you desire.
  2. Leverage: this means putting automated systems in place so a lot of the heavy lifting is done for you. You have to put in the work in the beginning to get these systems set up, but once they’re working for you, they’re really working for you. This is the ‘make money in your sleep’ part of the equation.
  3. High Ticket: this is the money talk. Find something you can make big commissions on. An online course with your mastery can sell for hundreds, if not thousands. Affiliate offers can make you between $1,000-$5,000 per sale. You will do the same amount of work for $50 as you will for $5,000.

P.S. yup, you guessed it. The course covers this, too 😉

It’s exciting to start seeing just how simple it gets to be. huh? And with the tips above, you’re already part way there!

I’m lucky enough to have two decades of branding and marketing behind me, including a degree in Creative Advertising, and my absolute passion is helping people create and monetize their own brands so they can do whatever tf they want in life (and make BANK doing it).

In my Personal Brand Course, I walk you through everything you need to learn and implement to have the badass brand of your dreams. A brand that feels representative of you, full of ease and makes. you. moneyyy. honeyyy.

So, is Threads here to stay? Who knows (I think yes).

But what we do know is clear is that people already see you as a brand, and there’s never been a better time to get paid to be you so you can lean in to your passions and build the life you WANT.

Let’s do it together, bestie.

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