Not knowing something is your superpower.

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Imagine if we were praised for what we didnt know… WHAT! Yes.

This is something I have had to constantly learn – the idea that not knowing something is actually a superpower. When we don’t know something, it means we have to learn and become a beginner, giving us the opportunity to become a master.

This is what I call “first draft energy.”

The potential for greatness is so rich here, sometimes we may get it right on the first try. But more often, we expect perfection from the start, causing fear, self-doubt, and disappointment.

The reality is that even the most successful works go through multiple drafts, edits, and revisions before becoming a masterpiece. So, let’s embrace the power of being a beginner and not be afraid of the first draft.

What if we embraced growth instead of trying to be perfect? First draft energy is about embracing the unknown, letting go of fears and insecurities, and trusting the universe to play along with you as you continue to grow and create.

To create, you need to tap into the energy of life that wants to flow through you. But, when your mind is entrenched in old habits and rigid ways of thinking, this energy cannot pass through. To overcome this, practice moving into a state of curiosity and question your ways of thinking. Like a child who is naturally curious and lives life without thinking too much, you too can tap into this energy by embracing curiosity.

Instead of fearing the unknown and not taking a step forward, imagine the path unfolding as you walk, with each step giving you a clearer vision of what lies ahead. Don’t let fear kill your curiosity and hinder your creative process. Next time you find yourself at the top of the path,

Being curious, and giving yourself space to be a beginner keeps your mind elastic, helps with brain plasticity(literally, science), and keeps your mental quickness sharp! By staying curious and open to pivoting, you expand your energy, making yourself available for better things, and drawing in what you deeply desire. A childlike curiosity brings you closer to becoming a master in your field faster than any other approach.

So… you ready for some good ole fashioned first draft energy? No need to reach for the script or the well trained grooves of your mind. It’s time to stop holding yourself back from starting a project and give yourself permission to be a beginner and make mistakes, because the joy of creation is a powerful energy source.

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