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When I was told I had to leave what I thought was going to be my new home country, Australia, within seven days I was devastated. In that moment, I couldn’t imagine leaving and going back to the US. It sucked. But I also knew dwelling on those emotions wouldn’t help me find a solution. So, through sobs sitting on a park bench in the sun, I gathered the courage to make a phone call to my dad (the original homie). Back then technology wasn’t like it is now so the call was pricey af, but it didn’t matter because I was determined to get the support I needed. I needed a different solution.

The phone rings for my dad, who has always been legit the biggest believer in me pursuing anything I want, to seek his guidance (or, I guess probs to just cry into the phone for a bit). When I told him there was no way I could come home, there was a pause before he simply said, “Well. Find somewhere else to go then.” I didn’t know at the time just how much this simple statement, posed in such a matter of fact way, would change my life forever. In the moment it eased the broken heart and fear I felt, but more importantly, it opened my mind to endless possibilities instead of just one outcome (that I couldn’t bear to accept). It has been guiding me for the past 14 years and has never stopped inspiring me.

“Find somewhere else to go.”

This mindset of looking for what’s next instead of what’s wrong, can open you up to possibilities when you’re stuck in a difficult moment of disappointment when one door closes. It forces you to stop focusing on the “problem” and focus on finding the opportunities.

This mindset shift allowed me to stop crying and within a week, I was on a flight to New Zealand, and onto the next step in my adventure which turned out to be exactly where I needed to be.

I followed the next opportunity to the next in New Zealand where I landed in a place called Wanaka. Unknowingly at the time, this would become my home, and a place where I found community and love, for the next year. It is also where I was introduced to the teachings of Tony Robbins. And since then, I have attended live events, worked with with a private Tony Robbins coach, and gathered a lifetime’s worth of knowledge.

Here are a few key takeaways that may just be exactly what you need to be reminded of today on your journey.

Stop dwelling on the past and give yourself some love. Your past does not determine your present or future, and life will always support what supports more life. It’s time to move on and shut down negative self-talk. Your future can be different if you take action and apply what you’ve learned today.

To boost your growth and success, focus on supporting the things in your life that bring you joy, vitality, and clarity. This will attract more positivity into your life, just like how nature supports what supports life in nature. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your aspirations, remember to start small and focus on finding women who inspire you. Celebrate their achievements and let their success serve as evidence of what you too can achieve. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back, embrace the messiness of growth.

To create the life you want, start by focusing on your mission and purpose and the impact you want to make in the world. This is the key to a wealth mindset. First, clean up your surroundings. This means decluttering your social media and unfollowing people who no longer resonate with you. By amplifying the positive, you become an unstoppable magnet. To get started, find evidence of people who inspire you and celebrate their success. Then, remind yourself that anything is possible. If you see the success in others, it is possible for you, too.

So the three action steps to help you curate the life you deeply desire are: focus on your mission and purpose, clean up your surroundings, and find inspiration in others’ successes and celebrate them as if they are your own.

Wealth starts with a mindset shift. To become wealthy, start by focusing on amplifying the good things in your life, finding evidence of success, and letting go of negative past experiences. Another concrete step is to learn how to give more value to others. Find your target audience and provide solutions to their problems. Offer what they want, not what you think they need. Value can be free or paid, but the key is to give more and feel good about it. When you’re passionate about helping others, you’ll want to do more and that’s the definition of wealth. When you are wealthy in this way, the money will follow.

This is arguably the most important — identify the person you want to become. Your thoughts and actions shape your reality through a process called the reticular activating system. By focusing on positive evidence and the characteristics of the person you want to become, you can attract opportunities and experiences that align with your desired identity. Remember, becoming that person comes first, and then the money and other resources will follow. So, ask yourself questions like, “How does the wealthy version of myself carry myself? What type of clothing do they wear? How do they speak and interact with others? What brings them pleasure?”

The answers are your clues—the roadmap to get how to get to where you want to be.

And remember your journey is entirely unique to you, trust your next opportunity and where it’s leading you. It may be totally unexpected, but maybe that’s exactly what you need…

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