Big VISIONS. 6 Reasons you aren’t seeing what you want.

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I understand. You have big dreams and a big vision for yourself, but…. probably doing your fair share of hesitating or spinning your wheels. Let me be the first to tell you, I get it.

I’ve been there too. It’s really common to feel overwhelmed by the “how” or not knowing when to take the next step. BUT, let me just say that we live in a world where there’s so much opportunity to connect, collaborate, hire, and use new tools to make things easier. There has (literally) never been an easier time to do exactly what you want and find success doing it.

So in my truest list-loving, Virgo sun sign nature, I have created a list to help you overcome the obstacles that are hindering you from reaching your goals and making the impact you desire. If you have a big vision there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. If you are a high-achieving individual, it’s likely you feel this gap right in the GUT and are frustrated with it to some degree (I’m guessing …a lot).

To overcome this, you must first be honest about it, and just how much its bothering you.

I know, it might hurt. But it’s worth it, I promise.

Let’s dig in.

I have identified five major factors that may be preventing you from reaching your goals:

  1. not speaking your desires into existence,
  2. not having a clear vision,
  3. not taking consistent action,
  4. not seeking out help,
  5. not having a growth mindset.
  6. not actually being willing to change

To see the results you want, you must take steps to address these issues. Speaking your desires into existence, having a clear vision, taking consistent action, seeking help, and adopting a growth mindset are all crucial.

1. Are you speaking your desired outcome into existence with confidence and clarity?

Your thoughts and words have a powerful impact on your reality, and speaking with conviction helps bring your vision to life. Say it, speak it, share it, get into conversations about it, own it as your experience.

2. But are you fully embodying the feelings and emotions associated with what you desire?

Merely thinking about a goal is not enough, you need to connect with it on an emotional level and experience it in your body. This will bring coherence between your thoughts, words, and feelings and increase the likelihood of manifesting your desired outcome. Try adding physical movement to your manifestation routine to strengthen your connection with your goal and feel it!

3. Are you getting your body involved in the manifestation process?

Movement is key to manifestation and it’s essential to engage in intentional movement every day, like in the 40-day “Move to Manifest” challenge I’ve hosted a few times. Your emotions are felt in your body and emotions are simply put – energy in motion. So, it’s crucial to move your body, including your lymphatic and digestive systems, to get rid of the old and welcome the new into your life. Also, make sure to breathe, eat, and drink properly to support this process. Get your body on board and you’ll start seeing the results you want. Can’t deny it. This is science, y’all.

4. Are you taking massive, aligned action?

People often misunderstand the concept of massive aligned action, thinking it means taking a lot of different actions or hustling on repeat. However, it is much more than that. Massive aligned action means taking action from a place where you want to be, not where you are now. It requires you to make decisions based on your future self, your highest self, and your richest self, which comes with risk and requires you to trust the universe. To see what you want to see and live the rich life you desire, you must make decisions like the person you want to be, not who you are now. This is a constant practice that requires devotion to the process.

5. Are you trying to control it ALL too much?

Instead of letting go and allowing the universe to fill in the gaps, we, as humans have a tendency to micromanage every aspect and try to do everything ourselves. This creates stress and takes away from our ability to truly see our vision come to life. We need to let go, to fully trust and enjoy the process. YOU GO FIRST, THE UNIVERSE GOES FURTHER.

6. But are you unwilling to change?

This is a significant factor that ties in with taking aligned action and also stands on its own. To understand this reason, we have to ask “Why am I attached to this current state if I’m unhappy and not getting what I want?” Are you willing to face the fears and make the changes necessary to move towards your desired outcome?

This doesn’t mean you need to fundamentally change who you are. Rather, it’s about being willing to change the way you do things. For example, if you run an online business and are struggling with connecting with your audience, I often ask whether you are open to changing what isn’t working.

Ask yourself this question, even if you don’t share the answer with anyone else. Are you willing to alter your approach if you’re not satisfied with the results? This could mean changing your business model, marketing strategy, or even your mindset. It could also mean acknowledging the need to delegate tasks or implement systems to help your business grow. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, but being honest with yourself about your willingness to change can help you move forward.

Bookmark this blog and return to it when you need to, or share it with a friend to keep each other accountable. I want to see more women (like you) thriving and having everything they desire.

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